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We will navigate your questions, apply your data in our platform to analytical models, and manage the process to help you attain your competitive advantage.
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Case Study

Read how Starpoint used the power of predictive analytics to answer “Who are the people that are most likely to fail to repay their loan?” for a major financial services institution.

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Data Analytics Services

Through leveraging analytics, a company can put themselves in a position to beat competitors by 20%-25%.

Companies are frantically trying to use big data and analytics to differentiate themselves and provide competitive advantages across their business.


It can be a challenge to harness data and apply on-going and accurate analytic modeling in a sustainable, cost-effective and scalable manner. Our approach has been to build several models that examine new data in conjunction with previously learned-from data repeatedly, and blend their results.


Through research and trials, we achieved integrated implementation of our platform that is continually improving its prediction probabilities, for more accurate identification of future patterns and trends.


Starpoint Data Analytics as a Service analyzes client’s data and past decisions in operating and managing their business to identify – through prediction – opportunities for better performance and a more competitive position in their market place.


Starpoint Data Analytics as a Service encompasses:


• Subject-matter expertise in industry and data to help you identify and define your Business Cases and use technology and predictive data analytics to address them


• Predictive Data Analytic technology platform deployed in the Cloud

• Technical staff that continually operates and supports the platform

• Acceptance of any proprietary data from a client (we will adapt it to the Platform for the initial machine-learning processing)

• Evaluation of client data and selection of the optimal algorithms

• Development of new algorithms as appropriate to improve prediction results

• Integration of predictive results with client systems for further decision-support conclusions of applied Business Cases


Industry-specific Data Analytics

Starpoint offers industry-specific Data Analytics services in Banking, Brokerage, Insurance, Life Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Energy.


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