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We will navigate your questions, apply your data in our platform to analytical models, and manage the process to help you attain your competitive advantage.
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Case Study

Read how Starpoint used the power of predictive analytics to answer “Who are the people that are most likely to fail to repay their loan?” for a major financial services institution.

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Data Analytics by Industry

Starpoint Data Analytics Services help our clients navigate the questions, the data, the process and the models in order to attain that competitive advantage.


Starpoint offers industry specific analytics services in Banking, Brokerage, Life Sciences and Retail/Product Marketing.


  • Banking
  • Brokerage
  • Life Sciences
  • Retail

Business Analytics for Banking


Banks are facing intense pressure to grow revenues, while adhering to ever-increasing government regulations. Virtually every decision to drive revenue, control costs, or mitigate risks can be illuminated by the use of Business Analytics and Predictive Modeling. While banks have traditionally used data well for marketing and risk management, the opportunities exist improve client experience and cross sell products to existing clients as well.


Business Cases in the Banking Industry

  • Monitoring Customer Experience – How the clients are interacting with the bank through Web Site visits, branch teller visits, mortgage branch visits and call center interactions.
  • Up Selling & Cross Selling – Analyzing internal household accounts and transaction history along with external credit data to profile clients for additional banking, brokerage or insurance services.
  • Enhanced Fraud Detection – Utilizing Predictive Analytics to enhance current continuous fraud monitoring. Apply the paradigm of always learning from past data will insure that the client is always validating their known fraud patterns and seeking related patterns.

Business Analytics for Brokerage


• Trade Compliance and Regulatory Reporting – monitoring trading patterns, and predicting out-bounds scenarios that are applied to managing trade compliance rules

• Risk Assessment and Scoring – correlation of all data elements: trade and non-trade to create a risk-escalation matrix that can be applied to control risk and exposure in trading; serves as a check-point prior to trade execution

• Abnormal Trading Pattern Analysis – isolates through prediction trade strategies based on selected products that will cause trade violation

Business Analytics for Life Sciences


• Clinical trials – examine clinical trials data, classifying variable responses by patients to new experimental drugs, individually or in combination with each other, suggesting through prediction which treatments are more likely to improve patients state

• Treatment Protocol Analysis – process large sets of data of treatment protocol application to patients, identifying deviations is responses, and structuring possible variations to the treatment protocol implementation

• Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Supply-Chain Management – inventory and maintenance of medical devices management within supply-chain, predictively controlling inventory, replacement, and repairs

• Drug Discovery and Development Analysis – this case coincides with Clinical Trials; additionally, predictive analysis supports the process of clustering and classifying drug data attributes at the lowest level of details to create the final product, then being clinically trialed

Business Analytics for Retail/Product Marketing


• Social Media Based Consumer Behavior Analysis
• Merchandising and Market Basket Analysis
• Product Sales Analysis
• Campaign Management and Customer Loyalty Programs
• Supply-Chain Management and Analytics
• Event-and Behavior-Based Targeting
• Market and Consumer Segmentations


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