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We will navigate your questions, apply your data in our platform to analytical models, and manage the process to help you attain your competitive advantage.
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Case Study

Read how Starpoint used the power of predictive analytics to answer “Who are the people that are most likely to fail to repay their loan?” for a major financial services institution.

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Data Analytics Platform Overview

At the core of Starpoint Data Analytics as a Service is the Starpoint Analytics Platform.


The Platform uses refined predictive analysis algorithms to analyze large volumes of data in an efficient, repeatable and scalable manner.


This predictive analysis yields a more qualified, smaller volume of data that is easier to model and interpret, which makes it provide more accurate results.


Our Analytics Platform provides:

• The ability to recognize and predict events and outcomes to key business problems, which allows you to develop action plans to solve these problems


• A high level of accuracy by using several distinctly different algorithms specifically targeted for machine learning of the incoming data, followed by blending. The result of this process is the clusterization and classification of data that yields the most accurate predictive behavior


• A synergy of both well-known machine-learning paradigms enhanced by proprietary approaches that greatly enhance the outcomes and rules-based decision algorithms


• A base set of well-known algorithms that can be adapted for specific analytical tasks. New algorithms are designed and constructed, as required to meet the desired results. Starpoint mathematicians and statistical modelers are available to work with you to modify existing algorithms or create new ones


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