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Starpoint’s intelligent Salesforce® solutions

Starpoint has an extensive team of certified Salesforce developers, administrators and Cloud consultants who have experience in building complex customized and integrated cloud-computing applications.

  • We are Agile, which means quick delivery and results. We always make sure that our work perfectly aligns with your needs, in real time.
  • We are a System Design House. We take a holistic approach by analyzing a client’s system infrastructure and processes before we begin a project. That means our solutions remain effective and require little to no adjustments as your organization structure evolves.
  • We have expertise across all Salesforce clouds, including the recent Financial Services Cloud and Health Cloud.
  • We provide detailed Forensics Analysis of your Salesforce organization using our proprietary methodology. In 90% of cases, the results are eye-opening. Following the recommendations of the analysis, you can increase revenue by saving on Salesforce data and file storage costs, increase user adoption and streamline your business flows.
  • We provide hands-on User Training. Unlike other consulting partners, who will leave you with a set of standard Salesforce studying materials, we work with your users to make sure that everyone in your organization understands and utilizes the system correctly.

Our Salesforce services include:

  • Salesforce forensics analysis to determine what’s working, what’s integrated, and provide practical insight into how the system can be improved
  • Marketing Automation to craft the most effective integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Advanced Architecture for a sound, secure architecture with the most appropriate role hierarchy, data model, and sharing mechanisms
  • Integrations with Third-Party Systems to extend the value of your Salesforce investment
  • Advanced Customization to meet your particular functionality and configuration needs
  • Data Management to ensure your data is accurate, easily accessible, and in one place
  • User Training to give your entire team the knowledge they need to maintain your Salesforce solution efficiently

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Starpoint is a certified Salesforce® registered consulting partner.

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