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Information Architect

Job Title:

Information Architect


Chicago, IL




3-6 months

Job Description:

Information Architect.



The client is a global fast food chain. Their Global Mobile Application is being enhanced with functional and design changes to formative flows in the current experience. While initial designs have been created, additional expertise is required to further vet from a technical, data and design standpoint that the proposed solutions are optimal. 

The UX and IA will be responsible for assessing and modifying current or proposed designs to reflect newly agreed solutions, and producing documentation, guidance and oversight for the onsite development resources responsible for bringing these designs to bear in the front-end design experience within GMA. All changes are intended for eventual rollout in market


Job Requirements:

Deliverables for this team:
• Prototype concepts defined by the Global Digital based on priority and feasibility for US market, and as required and prioritized prior to development
• Requirement / story grooming, technical design, development, and testing (QA) activities in support of the app for the US market
• Provide ongoing support for estimating, planning and executing new projects for adding/enhancing features and capabilities to the US market application

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