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Expert JIRA Consultant - NYC

Job Title:

Expert JIRA Consultant - NYC


New York, NY


Information Technology


4-6 monster

Job Description:

JIRA Consultant


JIRA consultant

Administration and working with the clients (CTO) true JIRA expert

Integration with JIRA and confliance


Job Requirements:

Requirements (high level)

  • Strong understanding of Alsatian suite of products esp JIRA and confluence
  • Strong understanding of JIRA Administration, workflow, configuration and custom set up  
  • Extensive experience in setting up Enterprise Level JIRA set up and  managingsupport 100+ users across geographies
  • Experience in integrating JIRA  with confluence and bit bucket (possibilities) and other CI/CD tool
  • Hands on experience in creating Jira boards, dashboards and dashboards. Good understanding of JiraSQLs is a mandate
  • Ability to generate reports to key stakeholders up to CXO levels
  • Ability to understand different phases of projects and factor into JIRA accordingly 
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Ability to merge massive silo projects (500+) into keep projects and integrate with multiple working groups
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work closely with clients as partners. Understanding or project priorities and gel well with the existing team to focus on achieving a common goal


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