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Software Engineers, C#, .NET, Messaging, Sockets (x3)

Job Title:

Software Engineers, C#, .NET, Messaging, Sockets (x3)


New York, NY


Information Technology

Job Description:

Software Engineer – Job Description
Title: Software Engineer
We are looking for software engineers to join the team responsible for designing
and developing our distributed-systems products and platforms, which power leading
digital currency trading venues and permissioned blockchain solutions. Our software is
built using C#, using custom messaging mechanisms over multiple transport protocols,
with customized persistence and storage mechanisms, all optimized for high-volume
enterprise-class real-time access-controlled transaction processing. In this position, you
will work in every layer of the service tier (transports, messaging, framework, data
persistence, business logic, …) and develop a rich understanding of both the system
mechanisms and the application business domains.

Job Responsibilities:
As a key member of the software development and delivery team, you will:
· Be part of a multi-disciplinary engineering team focused on delivering world-class
industrial-strength distributed-systems software
· Work with other developers, test engineers, analysts, and project managers to
develop and deliver software products and solution implementations
· Contribute to the evolution and enhancement of both our trading venue and
blockchain platform product lines
· Participate in solution development/delivery, using our products and platforms
· Leverage Agile practices to incrementally and iteratively deliver high value
· Analyze, design, code, and test software elements, with an eye for building
functional, performant, scalable, solid production software in a timely manner
· Prepare technical documentation and diagrams
· Cultivate expertise in relevant aspects of target business domains and apply that
knowledge to maximize technology value
· Assist project and product leaders in making risk-managed planning and release


Job Requirements:

· Proficiency in one or more OO languages (C#/.NET strongly preferred)
· Familiarity with distributed systems patterns and techniques (SOA preferred)
· Understanding of multithreading and concurrency
· Experience with sockets, WebSockets, and/or message oriented middleware
· Experience with serialization techniques like JSON, binary, or protobufs
· Experience building, troubleshooting, and debugging distributed systems
· Knowledge of code profiling, optimization, analysis tools

· Familiarity with BDD/TDD and automated testing

· Commitment to lean programming style and aversion to bloatware
· Creative problem solver able to consider and propose multiple alternatives,
taking into account technical and non-technical trade-offs and side effects
· Some experience with trading or post-trading systems, payment systems, or
financial processing systems is preferred
· Knowledge of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and/or blockchain technologies is a plus
· Strong verbal and written communication skills with ability to collaborate with
both technical and business staff
· Ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure in a fast-paced team
· Passionate about technology and problem-solving
· Desire to learn about complex financial business domains
· 3-5 years experience building distributed, transactional software solutions

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