Henry Zelikovsky


Chief Technology Officer


As Starpoint’s Chief Technology Officer, Henry provides technical direction in planning and creating solutions for Starpoint's Application Development Services practice, which provides clients with high-tech development, R&D and advisory services. He also manages the technical staff at Starpoint's Eastern European facilities in Moscow and Kiev.

Henry joined Starpoint in August 2002, after Starpoint acquired his firm Softlabs, his second successful start-up venture. Henry also founded SmartLink Inc., a firm that provided communications with analytics software for electronic trading environments.

He has an extensive background in software solutions development primarily for the financial services industry and communications software for the telecommunications industry. While working for companies like Merrill Lynch, Bank of New York, and AT&T, Henry designed and developed real-time financial data systems, mission-critical trading floor applications and internal analytical systems.

Henry received his B.S. in Computer Science from Brooklyn College and his M.S. from The Polytechnic University of New York with a degree in Software Engineering of Communication Networks.




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