BlueSnap is an electronic payments technology company providing payments services globally in multiple currencies. The company received a large Private Equity investment several years ago to expand its market share through broader base of operations and enhancements in its technology platform, positioning the company for easier integrations with partners in the eCommerce, ePayments and online Lending. BlueSnap Technology Group was evaluating software engineering companies with experience in advanced architecture with cross-domain system design, development and integrations to stabilize and expand their own engineering teams, and accelerate completion of their roadmap. Starpoint was uniquely qualified and engaged to align with these plans.

Starpoint has been successfully supporting BlueSnap and their growth since 2015. Today, we are in partnership with BlueSnap as their first authorized integration and implementation partner for eCommerce vendors, Payments Processing Gateways, and custom proprietary integrations.

Starpoint relationship continues today. We capitalize on our capabilities to capture business concept in a form of software architecture, understanding of end-user, and implementation of software as a service and platform as a service.

BlueSnap continues to apply our services, now in its 5th year.