FinTech, an interesting term. At a first glance, it could refer to many current and new features in Financial Services. Financial Services is an old institution, typically comprising brick and mortar companies with well-established services and policies. Why this acronym, why in recent years? What does it encompass in today’s technology market place? FinTech, Financial Technology, includes all forms of innovation in technology that affect financial transactions. FinTech has been a circle of Startups challenging the effectiveness of the older institutions in servicing consumers by offering new technology accessible at consumer mobile devices, incorporating all forms of social interactions to enable person-to-person financial transactions. Today, FinTech companies offer financial transaction services backed by technology product platform, ready to expand into other services through their own technology, or integrations with collaborating companies.

Starpoint is a software engineering company providing complete end-to-end software development in this market area, exposing its expertise and over 30 years of experience in traditional Financial Services, to assist new generation of FinTech companies in aligning their consumer products with financial institutions.