Genesis Computer Consultants, Inc. is the premier provider of proprietary software for analysis and reporting on commercial and residential properties in Sales history, Physical modifications, Tax Assessments, Tax Abatements and Tax Grievances in the New York metropolitan, and New Jersey. The company has been servicing its markets since 1984. The product data is updated regularly as often as city and municipal administrations update their valuations. The most regular end-users are the real estate tax attorneys.

Starpoint was engaged to modernize the products, to redevelop key areas and release the new versions in Cloud environment. Starpoint has applied its technique of Reverse Engineering to create a Blueprint of the original state of the system. It enabled our engineering team to analyze key data dependencies, workflows, and calculation models to offer new architecture and new system structure preserving all functional features.

Starpoint has been involved in this initiative since 2016, and continues to services Genesis SaaS platform, which offers these benefits:

  • Property Descriptions with Assessments, Physical Changes, Exemptions
  • Tax Information with detailed breakdown of data 
  • Sales data for ten years, updated monthly
  • Tax Grievance and Petition Histories (Article 7, Writs)
  • Village Tax Rates and Equalization Ratios
  • Tax Refund Calculator
  • Transitional Assessment Calculator
  • Sales Comparison
  • Three-Year Assessment Change Report