Starpoint has entered the IoT Solutions space as a software engineering company, offering development expertise for a full set of solutions and services. We developed and operate Predictive Data Analytics Platform, AI machine-learning technology, which is delivering analytics results based on data from IoT devices, set in a specific use case. Presently, we are showcasing environment pollution monitoring scenario.

Starpoint has been integrating IoT devices from Lebelium and Decent Lab, broadcasting their data over LoRaWAN network. Our developments are transmittal network independent.

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  • Tracking Air Pollution
  • Analyzing Air Quality
  • Measuring Pollution Effect
  • Predicting Impact


  • Integrating sensors
  • Tracking usage
  • Analyzing anomalies
  • Predicting customer Churn

Manufacturing Operations

  • Integrating Sensors
  • Tracking operations data
  • Maintaining operations norms
  • Analyzing anomalies
  • Predicting failures, slow-downs