Software Engineering – innovation, design, prototypes and the ultimate result - is normally present in the technology product companies and within open source communities of individual providers. This area of engineering, as many others, brings together people with multiple distinct set of skills in mathematics, traditional science and biosciences, mechanics, electronics and others. Software Engineering is about an ultimate solution implemented in computer program code, representing concrete automation steps defined by a functional improvement to a consumer or a business.

Starpoint is a specialty software engineering company with substantial background in engineering principles, engineering process, scientific training and research, and with discipline to deliver the results.

Starpoint software engineering specialties are in FinTech, IoT Platforms, Devices and SolutionsPredictive Data Analytics Platform and Solutions, Automation - Small Device Enclosures. These are selected key areas of our recurring business. We are open to any conversation to hear of your needs, and offer direction, approach and complete solution plan.

Starpoint is a seasoned product engineering company. We offer new solutions and solve existing problems.  We enable our clients to achieve faster time to market, provide them with attentive customer experience and work closely with them on the continuous strategic evolution of their products.

Each client has different business and technology challenges. We understand that Engineering is not a one-size-fits-all approach, that it requires significant learning of our clients’ unique business needs. Whether you are a Startup, or need to scale up to meet your market demands, Starpoint can provide you with a professional recommendation. We look forward to speaking with you.

Minimal Viable Product

Your early product ideas implemented through prototypes, calibrated against its intended audience and delivered to its first commercially viable product.

Scale Up Your Product

Your business has grown. Your technology product in the core of your business offering requires expansion to sustain growth. The time has come to scale up. You may do it internally, but there is another effective option – Starpoint. We will examine your current state using our formal process of creating a blueprint of your technical assets, current scale and service level agreements, followed by an approach, tasks scope and an execution plan.  

Product Rescue

Your product needs immediate improvement to meet your business obligations, in a relatively short period. Your internal team has already been working on urgent development tasks. An engineering company that is cable to assess the current state and offer corrective actionable plan, complementary to your process, technology choices and management would be of timely assistance. Starpoint is organized to repair, realign, replace and extend existing software. 

Roadmap Rationalization

You have your vision and product roadmap, from six months to one-two years.
If you are a Startup, it is very likely that your product will take on a new life after one year. Choosing your implementation options to highlight the product at minimal development costs would be valuable.
If you are in the expansion cycle, scaling up, but have not done it in a few years, a new fresh technology look at your holdings and business objectives would be beneficial.
An experienced software engineering company in your market would offer valuable insight on how to move forward with focused and timely implementations to validate your vision, and sustain expected growth. Starpoint is that company.