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Client Success: Leading FinTech Payments into the Future

Pete Melomo
Posted by Pete Melomo on Feb 12, 2021

The FinTech industry is forecasted to reach a record high of $305 billion in market value by 2025. This boom has been capturing the attention of many amid an era of digital transformation, specifically with companies integrating payment functionality into their products. Enter BlueSnap Technology Group. BlueSnap is a leading FinTech Global Payments Processing provider. Driven by a desire to push the envelope of Global Payments and continue to grow their world class service, realize new market opportunities and exceed investor expectations, BlueSnap turned to Starpoint for help. They needed a plan to accelerate their Product Roadmap and meet a changing demand in market needs.

The Dilemma

In the world of Fintech, finding talent in an ultra-competitive market is challenging enough. But BlueSnap, a Global Payments Processing company, went a step further. They needed not only a team of highly skilled software engineers in Tel Aviv who could deliver product development, but also assist leadership in bringing new products to market sooner following a large private equity investment. Combine that with the fact that Tel Aviv was becoming one of the hottest tech hubs in the world and companies across the spectrum were dealing with constant turnover, the job of skill sourcing was that much more complex.

The Solution

In the rapidly evolving Global Payments market, product time to market is of the essence. With BlueSnap leading the way in the Global Payments space with new and innovative ways for merchants to transact with their client, it was even more critical for them to stay ahead of the market and accelerate their roadmap delivery even faster. Working closely with BlueSnap leadership, Starpoint on boarded a team of 13 senior software engineers in less than 60 days. Tapping into its deep bench of Payments knowledgeable software engineers, Starpoint brought on a team who were quickly up to speed and integrated into BlueSnap’s agile development process in record time.

The Impact

Product Roadmap… accelerated! After integrating the Starpoint team into their processes, BlueSnap was able to meet the delivery requirements of their roadmap, including greatly simplifying client integration. Now, after more than six years in partnership, BlueSnap and Starpoint have been witness to significant growth in BlueSnap’s global client base. Starpoint is a core part of BlueSnap’s product development team and one of their key integration partners, assisting with both e-commerce platforms and custom client integrations, helping merge technologies to create a more seamless platform adoption for BlueSnap clients.


To read more about how this successful partnership has grown and continues to flourish today, check out the full case study hereTo chat about how we can help you accelerate your Payments Product Roadmap, drop us a message!

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