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Implement Salesforce on a Budget

Olha Kryvoruchenko
Posted by Olha Kryvoruchenko on Aug 21, 2020

Salesforce can be a great profit-making tool for your company, but, it is important to keep in mind that it can potentially break the bank. With our proven expertise, implementing a migration to Salesforce centered system may be gradual and incremental, at a desired pace, making it a seamless and straightforward process, as well as having your new CRM system available as quickly as possible. As a certified Salesforce partner, Starpoint Solutions has amassed a vast experience in planning, forensic analysis and implementing Salesforce for cost-conscious clients with great results. Below you will find our most valuable advice on implementing and cost saving that we distilled from years of experience that will help you on your journey. 

Work With A Knowledgeable Partner

We have found that this is a key step for our clients to decision for a successful Salesforce implementation.

A certified and experienced partner will understand your business needs, analyse the existing environment, current system infrastructure and suggest future state, determine what software will be potentially retired/integrated, provide recommendations on the type and quantity of Salesforce licenses that may be needed. As a result, we will put together a proposal, outlining major tasks, timeline and suggesting a deployment plan with a high level cost breakdown. 

This step is very important not to skip, as it will determine the ultimate Salesforce needs and associated cost factors. We would not recommend implementing Salesforce without sufficient hands-on expertise, as the saying goes, reality has a surprising amount of detail.

Negotiate Pricing with Salesforce

Now that you know what you need, don’t be shy to ask for a discount!

Salesforce Sales team is always happy to accommodate in bringing on new clients and potential partners. Based on our experience working with Salesforce, we found that they may be more inclined to give you a better discount towards the end of a financial year, when trying to reach sales quotas and close more deals. A Salesforce salesperson could be your best ally in the quest of staying within your implementation budget - so, use this opportunity wisely.

Implement with a Trusted Partner

Great job negotiating a discount! You are now ready to move forward with implementation.

We strongly advise using agile methodology, having your trusted partner provide you with timely project updates; schedule daily stand-up calls, involve all stakeholders (SPOCs),work breakdown into deliverable sprints, live demo presentations, detailed business requirements and development progress walkthroughs, perform UAT and provide a sign-off. 

It is important to keep track of progress by logging into your new Salesforce org and seeing required functionality coming to life. Your feedback is essential to a successful delivery. Here, at Starpoint Solutions, we firmly believe that transparency and client satisfaction are paramount to the Salesforce implementation process and success.

Utilize Trailhead for Staff Training

Congrats on your flawlessly executed and seamlessly integrated Salesforce implementation!

You are now ready to begin educating your staff members on how to best use it and according to their various roles. Ask your implementation partner to provide pre-recorded demos and conduct live training. Additionally, in support of user onboarding,  we recommend utilizing the free educational resources provided by Salesforce.  

Meet Salesforce Trailhead - the innovative native Salesforce education platform, completely free and widely available. Register at Explore and find courses of interest, share with your colleagues,  get to know Salesforce and become an expert. 

This platform will help shape yours, as well as for your staffs’ education plan and set a clear career path, Courses may be selected and assigned. Trailhead is a fun and engaging way to learn, share with peers, a truly guaranteed way to enjoy the learning process!. 

Enjoy Your new CRM

Great, you’re now live and your team is well trained!

Time for day-to-day maintenance, upcoming upgrades and ongoing support activities. Remember to take good care of your Salesforce org by following the latest news and updates in Salesforce universe. Consider subscribing to Salesforce blogs and newsletters, as well as actively engage with fellow Salesforce trailblazers on various forums. Good luck! 

Starpoint Solutions team is always here to assist you in successfully meeting your goals.

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