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Launch Your Website With Hubspot

Olha Kryvoruchenko
Posted by Olha Kryvoruchenko on Aug 11, 2020

If you have decided to build and launch your website on Hubspot platform, you’ve made a great choice!

A seasoned player in the market for cloud marketing and CRM software, Hubspot provides a great service for a relatively affordable price, with a 360 degree view of your client. With Hubspot, you can store customer information and your day-to-day interactions with them, provide customer service, execute effective email marketing campaigns and so much more. This means that your website will be tightly coupled with other functions of your business, seamlessly connecting with your Sales and Marketing initiatives. 

Hubspot makes it easy to build beautiful websites with minimal development effort. Using themes and drag-and-drop templates, you will be able to build and launch your website in a matter of weeks, as well as, easily maintain and update it after the launch. 

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Negotiate Pricing Plan

Make sure your pricing plan allows you to use Hubspot CMS. Talk to the Hubspot Sales team if you don’t have access to Hubspot CMS Hub, and don’t be shy to ask for a discount! You will save an additional 20% if you sign up for an annual plan, instead of opting for monthly installments.

Connect Your Domain

Go to Settings > Domains & URLs and connect your domain. No need to go through the last step of the wizard until you are ready to go live with your website.

Get To Know Hubspot CMS

Time to familiarize yourself with your new Content Management System. Hubspot Academy provides a library of high-quality content that will help you get to know Hubspot CMS. Start with this short lesson. Depending on your background, you may want to proceed with either Hubspot CMS for Developers or Hubspot CMS for Marketers course. Trust me, this will be the best introduction to the topic you will be able to get. The instructors are knowledgeable and articulate, and the exercises will help you to get started with creating websites in Hubspot. 

Browse Asset Marketplace

Asset Marketplace features, a collection of both paid and free themes, templates and modules that may be used in building your Hubspot website. This is a good place to start getting ideas and inspiration for your website design. If you are new to web development, consider purchasing one of the all-in-one packaged products that will cover all of your website needs. Free options are great as well - take a look! Download the assets that you would like to explore and use later.

Roadmap Your Site

Brainstorm your site’s overall vision...Are you selling a product or service or providing valuable information?  Consider what you want your customers to see. How do you want them to connect with you? What content will you place on your website? What message are you trying to convey? Think about the structure and direction of your future website and take notes. Browse Asset Marketplace once again, and try to find the appropriate assets to bring your vision to reality. If you are left unsatisfied with your search and uncertain in your web development abilities, reach out to us at Starpoint Solutions, and we will happily do the heavy lifting for you. 

Start Building Website Pages

Use native Hubspot assets (themes and modules) or the assets that you have downloaded from Asset Marketplace to build the first pages of your website. Use Preview button to see how the web pages will look in the browser, on the tablet and on the smartphone screen. Edit templates, as necessary,  in the Design Tools menu. You will be able to use both drag-and-drop and more advanced tools, such as custom CSS and Javascript. Create a navigation menu in Settings > Website > Navigation and add your pages to it. Add content to the website pages and tweak the design according to your vision. 

Get Ready To Launch

Review your website. Is it ready for launch? If yes, go through the last steps to connect the domain in the wizard and, finally, publish the website. Congrats, you’re now live!

Site Performance Review

Use Hubspot Analytics tools to review the performance of your website. Use this information  to tweak the content and layout of your website to attain optimum results. 

Congratulations! You’ve made it. There is always room for improvement, as maintaining and managing a website is an ongoing project in itself, that will require your constant attention and care. Good luck! As always, Starpoint Solutions team is here to provide our expertise and assistance to successfully meet your goals.

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