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Utilize Native Salesforce Tools: Data Security, Releases, Optimization

Olha Kryvoruchenko
Posted by Olha Kryvoruchenko on Aug 4, 2020

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM platforms that offers a number of products and services to their existing and new clients. As a certified Salesforce partner, we would like to focus and provide our reviews and recommendation highlights on their three native Salesforce tools that will serve as a helpful insight to our clients.

Salesforce Health Check Tool

As a Salesforce admin, you are aware that security of your company’s data stored in the org is paramount. Recent security incidents in companies such as Twitter, highlight the necessity of keeping up with the best security practices. Good news is that Salesforce does a lot of heavy lifting in that regard, by storing your data on secure servers in the cloud and provides the infrastructure to ensure your data remains safe. Having said that, as an admin, additional steps and measures need to take place in order to boost the security of your org. 

Health Check tool is a key instrument provided by Salesforce against various security threats, located under the Security section in the Setup.

Salesforce Health Check tool

Salesforce compares your org performance against Standard Salesforce baseline (you can set up yours according to your company guidelines and best practices). Security settings are broken down into four categories: High-risk, Medium-risk, Low-risk and Informational. Each security setting is given a status according to compliance controls in your org: Critical, Warning and Compliant. Final score is based on your performance in all combined categories.

Salesforce provides a clear way to easily adjust those security risks. If you choose to do so, use the displayed links to select your appropriate settings. 

Salesforce Session Settings

By clicking “Edit” in the Action column, you will be redirected to Sessions Settings, where you can enable clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages with standard headers.

Take into consideration that some of the Salesforce recommended security measures may negatively impact user experience or performance of your custom components, so, choose wisely.

Release Updates Tool (Beta)

With each new release, Salesforce introduces new features and policies, improving security for their clients. Those policies may directly impact the org performance. Under the Release Updates section, in the Setup (now in Beta), admins can review and take action on new release updates that require their attention.

Salesforce Release Updates tool (now in Beta)

By clicking the “Get Started” button, admins can see all critical upcoming new updates and release schedules. This will provide your org admins with ample time to assess and take action to ensure a smooth org performance post update release .

Sample description of an update and recommended steps

Salesforce Optimizer Tool

The newly improved Optimizer has been released in the Summer ‘20 and it looks great. Type Optimizer in the Quick Find window and you’re in!

Salesforce Optimizer tool

Click the “Open Optimizer” button and run it. You will get a notification when it is ready (it may take a little while). Refresh the screen to see the org metrics. Each displayed org metric feature is listed with a type (e.g. “User Management”), estimated time to improve (e.g. 30 minutes) and status(“Immediate Action Required”, “Action Required”, “Review Required” and “No Action Required”). For a detailed review and instructions, click on a feature name.

Hard-Coded URLs Optimizer detailed description and instructions

We strongly advise you to use your best judgement when implementing Salesforce recommended measures to improve org security and performance. Be vigilant to ensure your data remains safe, while keeping your users needs in scope as well. 

As always, our Salesforce certified team at Starpoint Solutions, are here for you to provide assistance with your technology solution needs.

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