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Scale And Improve Your Service With Salesforce Service Cloud

Olha Kryvoruchenko
Posted by Olha Kryvoruchenko on Sep 22, 2020

Service Cloud is one of the leading and most popular solutions provided by Salesforce that keeps evolving and improving. Salesforce relentlessly introduces a myriad of features into their Service Cloud product that altogether assembles into a multi-purpose, complete system, covering from the basic to extensive business customer service needs and beyond. So, what are the most useful and well-developed features that Service Cloud offers? Let’s find out!

Service Cloud Voice

A newly released feature based on Amazon Connect, provides an integrated telephony experience with the Salesforce Service Console. Complete with transcription capabilities and the ability for managers to survey customer service conversations, as well as discreetly provide advice for agents in real time.

Service Cloud Voice is a great way to set up your contact center. Agent KPIs may be set up to be displayed and visualized for performance review and constructive feedback. A tight integration with Einstein provides further opportunities for granular analytics. 

Service Console

A centralized information display for timely and efficient customer service. Served as a main workspace for service agents, it allows them to see all vital information on one screen,  avoiding unnecessary switching between different apps and other screens. Through the streamlined interface of Service Console, Service agents are able to communicate with clients, survey past interactions, browse suggested articles and see background information about the person with whom they are communicating. Service Console is a great product with plenty of potential to successfully support your business use cases. 

Using our expertise, we can help you do the initial setup, as Service Console could be an essential tool to improve your Key Performance Indicators and keep your clients happy with your top notch customer service.


Wouldn’t it be great to have appropriate articles immediately suggested and popped up to your Service Agents during their interactions with clients, to make conversations as efficient and productive as possible? 

Knowledge to the rescue! It serves as a centralized database to all the helpful articles, tutorials and other written materials to assist your agents in their training or resolving client issues. Knowledge is tightly integrated with other parts of Salesforce, such as Einstein and Communities, allowing for a seamless and efficient user experience. Articles are easily searchable through Search, accessible via mobile devices, with multilingual capabilities, and so much more!


Chat provides the ability for clients to access your customer service through a widget on your company website, either by communicating with the agent directly or interacting with Einstein Bots, or a combination of both. Chat is set up in Salesforce and embedded on your website with personalized branding options, available out of the box. 

Efficient way to troubleshoot and escalate issues - returning customers are automatically identified, providing your agent with necessary background information and gathered data from past interactions. If necessary, additional members can join a chat conversation. Managers and supervisors are able to survey each interaction for advice and feedback to the agents. Conversations can be recorded and saved in Salesforce, associated with the appropriate customer and could be easily accessed later. 


Communities are a great way to provide self-service opportunities for your customers. With minimal development effort, you can set up a visually stunning website for your Help Center. 

Knowledge articles can be made available to customers, allowing them to search and resolve their questions without agent’s involvement. You can set up a Chat in the Communities for communication with your customer service directly, and log in cases through a web form. Communities are mobile-friendly, so the customer will be able to easily access your website through their device of choice.

All in all, Service Cloud is a great product with a variety of fantastic features, we highly recommend checking it out.  Salesforce provides a 30-day free trial for you to evaluate the product and determine on if and how it meets your business needs. Starpoint Solutions will be able to assist you in Service Cloud setup and configuration - don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help!

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